Company Profile

Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "taking science and technology as the guide, innovation for development, quality for survival, and honesty for customers", the company implements the business philosophy of "passion and initiative, innovation and flexibility, talent-oriented, customer first", and adheres to independent innovation and development. Actively participate in international competition, and gradually build Zhongqing Juchuang into an international brand of professional high-end power sports equipment.

Founded in 2019, Zhongqing Juchuang is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of large-displacement turbocharged power and ATV technology. Its headquarters is located in Cangzhou and there are branches in Beijing and Shanghai. The main business is the design, development, manufacture and sales of all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and modified vehicles. The power displacement will be extended from the existing 400CC, 600CC, 800CC to 1000CC, 1500CC, suitable for different usage scenarios, such as cultural tourism, education, emergency rescue, agricultural production.

The factory is located in the Economic Development Zone of Nanpi, Cangzhou, with a total construction area of 36,000 m² and a total investment of 290 million RMB, of which the first phase project is 21,000 m² (two-story structure), which will be capped in November 2022, of which the welding workshop with the floor space of 7,000 m². The painting workshop is 350 m², and the assembly workshop is 11,000 m².

Core members (Beijing, Shanghai, Cangzhou)
Founder, General Manager
Zhao Xin, general manager of Xinlida Hardware Manufacturing Co., LTD., excellent entrepreneur in Cangzhou City, is committed to expanding Xinlida's business to both home and abroad, and becoming a leading domestic manufacturer in the field of brake pads. He has extensive experience in the brake pad industry and has successfully developed Xinlida into a leader in the industry. He is not only concerned about the business development of the company, but also keen to communicate and cooperate with the government and the person in charge of all-terrain vehicles of BAIC Group. He understood the potential of ATVs in domestic and foreign markets, so he founded Zhongqing Juchuang in cooperation with the government and BAIC Group, specializing in the manufacture of complete ATVs.As the general manager of Xinlida Hardware Manufacturing Co., LTD., he has provided strong resources and financial support for Zhongqing Juchuang. He used Zhongqing Juchuang as a platform to inject new vitality into the field of all-terrain vehicle manufacturing.
General Manager
Zhongqing Juchuang General Manger

He was the director of the Design Department of Long March Automobile Factory of China Heavy Duty Automobile Group Corporation

He was the general manager and Party secretary of Beijing Foton Environmental Power Co., LTD
Deputy General manager, Chief Engineer
Experienced chief ATV engineer
Chief Engineer of Beijing Automobile Manufacturing Plant, Chief Engineer of Shunyi Base of BAIC Co., Ltd., Chief Engineer of BAIC Motorcycle Base. As a project manager, he presided over the development of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and their firefighting, money transport, assault, chemical defense, field rescue, crossing, amphibious, multiple special vehicles, and trained dozens of vehicles for BAIC Group. Name various technical leaders, and conduct multi-category technical exchanges and management with well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, all-terrain vehicle customers, overseas dealers, suppliers, car business operators, government-related institutions, founders of relevant societies and associations Communication, assisting the Intellectual Property Office, coordinating intellectual property disputes between domestic well-known units and international multinational companies, as a Beijing automobile expert and fire truck expert, participated in the review of multiple vehicles in the military and local areas.
General Manager US Sales
More than 20 years sales experience in USA
Former General manager of Segway USA Sales
Deep understanding and knowledge of the North American market
Chief Structural Engineer
20 years of structural design

Chief engineer of ATV structure

20 years of experience in ATV structural engineering

European Sales Director
18 years of experienceine international trade

18 years of experience in international trade in the vehicle industry
He was previously the Sales Director of CF MOTO in Europe

Domestic Sales Manager
Former trail racer
Domestic sales manager, good at planning offline activities and developing operators
Domestic Sales Manager
6 years of trial production of ATV and low-speed electric vehicles

Understand ATV body construction

Take into account the domestic aftermarket
Plant Manager
Complete assembly, New UTV testing
Professional responsible for factory production, scheduling, comprehensive procurement, etc

Slogan: Zhongqing Juchuang, Create a unique future!

  • Mission:Promote the cross-country culture、Create the passion moments, in order to contribute to the promotion of social progress.
  • Vision:From meeting market requirements to leading market consumption!
  • Target:To build an off-road base which have domestic over first-class, international quasi-first-class, to achieve a hundred years of enterprises which have 10 billion scale.
  • Value:Enterprises have vitality and employees have hope;Equality, integrity, reciprocity and mutually beneficial!